Advancing Inclusive Mentorship Programs for Higher Education Level 

Value proposition

AIM supports university and employers in designing and introducing Inclusive Entrepreneurship Mentoring Model (“IEMM”) for university students, equipping them with the skillset necessary to transform innovative ideas into start-ups.

Extended outline

AIM combines the efforts of four partners, representing four regions of Europe – North (Sweden), South Western (Portugal), South Eastern (Bulgaria) and Central (Austria). The starting point of our joint effort is supporting university and partner organization’s staff in designing and introducing Inclusive Entrepreneurship Mentoring Model (“IEMM”) for university students, equipping them with the skillset necessary to transform innovative ideas into start-ups.

AIM is based on the understanding that providing university and partner organisations’ staff with tools and instruments for inclusive entrepreneurial mentorship models delivery will empower both groups of stakeholders to contribute effectively to the development of entrepreneurial skills of university students during their study period.


Our motivation is to contribute to increasing the percentage of university students realizing their entrepreneurial potential within 5 years after graduation.


The structure of IEMM is as follows:

1. Equip students with the skillset necessary to transform innovative ideas into a start-up;

2. High quality internships enabled by close collaboration and periodic alignment between universities and employers (industrial companies);

3. Mentorship and one-to-one feedback.


AIM targets university students who want to develop their ideas and transform them into a start-up. Within this group, it is emphasized that opportunities in entrepreneurship mentoring are open to everyone with an idea for a sustainable business, regardless of their background and characteristics.


In reaching out to diverse groups of students, it is expected that AIM will close the gaps on social and inclusion challenges brought about by immigration, amongst other issues.

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Kick-off meeting

On 07.11.2022, partners met for an online meeting to set the frame of project activities and agree on first key tasks to be implemented. 

During the meeting we agreed also on our communication approach towards the diverse stakeholders in our project. 

Online channels

We are happy to announce that our project website is accessible in all partner languages and English.   

The website is linked to a dedicated Facebook page, which allows us to build a strong online community in the following 2 years of our joint collaboration.

Monthly partner meetings

We meet regularly to ensure the design of our IEMM model is aligned to our national contexts, but also global trends in the field. 

During our monthly meetings we plan concrete steps and monitor implementation. 

International seminar: "Entrepreneurship and Mentoring: do you want to start-up?"

On 04th May in Gavle, Sweden we present first outcomes of our joint work. During this event experts from our partner organisation will deliver inspiring talks on topics focussing on internships for students, entrepreneurship and mentoring. 

We place strong emphasis on presenting draft concept of our inclusive entrepreneurship mentoring model. 

Date/Location: 4th May 10h45-12h15 @ University of Gävle,  Location: Building 11460   

For more information and registration, check out the event's website

Webinars in Entrepreneurship: 2023 Schedule

We launch the exciting online learning journey for University Students in our countries and across Europe. From Sep to Dec 2023, every student has the opportunity to attend six FREE webinars to nurture one's entrepreneurship competences.

Participants in the webinars will receive opportunity to be invited to our forthcoming 6-month internship programme in leading companies and organisations, dedicated to elevating entrepreneurship to a higher level.

The best starting point for any student interested is to make a short self-evaluation of one's entrepreneurial preparedness. Link to the e-tool: 

Contact us for a link to each webinar. 

Partner meeting and dissemination event in Sweden

We had an exciting time in Sweden (04-05 May 2023). 

During the partner meeting in Gavle and Uppsala we managed to agreed on the draft content and structure of our IEMM manual. We also planned future activities such as e-tool finalisation and forthcoming webinars for students. 

In the second part we were able to directly interact with international group of guests to our dissemination event and emphasise on the main prinicples of mentoring in the context of our IEMM model. 

1st Webinar In Entrepreneurship

On 25.09.2023 we had our first webinar as part of piloting of our IEMM model. 30 university students and mentors from different countries had the opportunity to engage in online entrepreneurial learning, led by our partners from University of Evora.

The topic of the webinar was: "Start-up course Introduction and an Entrepreneurial Mindset".

Till the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to join several more webinars, which will nurture their entrepreneurial competences and help them engage in the following six month internship period. 

2nd and 3rd Webinars In Entrepreneurship

On 17.10.2023 and 26.10.2023 we had the next two webinars as part of piloting of our IEMM model. 

33 university students and mentors from different countries had the opportunity to engage in online entrepreneurial learning, led by our partners from University of Evora and National Management School (Webinar 2 - 16 participants; Webinar 3 - 17 participants).

The topic of the webinars were:

Webinar 2 - "Empowering Innovation"

Webinar 3 - "Ideation: How to come up with a promising start-up idea?".

Till the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to join several more webinars, which will nurture their entrepreneurial competences and help them engage in the following six month internship period. 

4th Webinar In Entrepreneurship

On 06.11.2023 our fourth webinar took place, engaging 21 participants.

The focus was on: "Grant Selection and Application process for start-ups".

The main presentation was delivered by our colleagues from University of Gavle. 

Till the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to join two more webinars, which will nurture their entrepreneurial competences and help them engage in the following six month internship period. 

5th Webinar In Entrepreneurship

On 08.11.2023 our fifth webinar took place, engaging 27 participants. Topic: "Creating a Start-up and mentoring, a Swedish perspective". 

The webinar featured Philip Gratell from DrivHuset, a Swedish organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting individuals in starting and developing their businesses. 

DrivHuset provides guidance, education courses, and a wide range of events that offer inspiration and knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs.

6th Webinar In Entrepreneurship

The "The Process of Creating a Start-up?" webinar, organized by AIM, was held on 22.11.2023, with a participation of 20 individuals. The event featured Joao Gomes from HiG as the key presenter, who provided an overview of his professional background and expertise in a presentation titled “Innovation and the Momentum When a Start-up is Born”.

The webinar's agenda included a detailed discussion on the various aspects of start-up creation, with a focus on innovation. Joao Gomes shared his insights and experiences, aiming to guide and inform the participants about the early stages of developing a start-up.

In the second part of the webinar, interns presented their research and findings on topics related to start-up creation. These presentations allowed for a sharing of diverse perspectives and insights, contributing to a broader understanding of the subject.

The event concluded with a session for questions and answers, providing an opportunity for attendees to engage directly with the speakers.

Partner meeting in Austria

On 05.12.2023 we had our interim partner meeting in Vienna.

The meeting was hosted by our partners form BEST and focussed on our achievements sofar. Along with interim reporting we spent time to discuss the forthcoming conference in Sofia and plan it for October 2024.

During partners' stay in Vienna we had opportunity to discuss also future articles we will develop on the basis of data collected in piloting phase of IEMM model.

7th Webinar In Entrepreneurship

On 13.12.2023 our seventh webinar took place, engaging 20 participants. Topic: "Creating a technological start-up by Hitesh Gatty (Gatty Instruments AB)". 

Hitesh Gatty delivered a comprehensive presentation on the subject, highlighting the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset in the creation process of Gatty Instrument AB. He shared insights and experiences, which set the tone for the meeting.

Following the presentation, the interns were actively engaged in a question-and-answer session, seeking clarification and deeper understanding of the topic. 

8th Webinar In Entrepreneurship

On 13.12.2023 our eight webinar took place, engaging 20 participants. Topic: "Resource Management : Collaboration aspects".

The webinar was delivered by our Austrian colleagues from BEST Institut.

Along with the main topic highlighted participants had the opportunity to learn about BEST's activities, being a prominent training centres with headquarters in Vienna. 

9th Webinar in Financial Literacy 

On 08.02.2024, the AIM team of University of Évora delivered a webinar focussing on financial literacy for entrepreneurs. 

In the follow-up feedback analysis, participants in the webinar confirmed its value. In terms of their expectation for working with a mentor they highlighted the importance of the following features: Support in innovative ideas; Guidance, support; Trust, respect; Good communication; Knowledge Exchange.

Mentorship Programme in Bulgaria

On 17.02.2024, AIM mentors from Bulgaria conducted a workshop for young people, stepping on the IEMM model. Total of 18 participants were engaged.  

The focus was on design thinking and persona development. Learners worked in teams - working on discovering their potential customers' unique needs and preferences to mapping out user journeys, they were empowered to refine their ideas and strategies.

10th Webinar on the World of Entrepreneur

On 03.04.2024, Dr. Luis Guerreiro from Évora University delivered an online session on the world of entrepreneur. 

This session served as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing invaluable insights and practical wisdom. 

Dr. Guerreiro thoroughly examined the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, exploring essential principles, challenges, and opportunities. From innovative business models to the vital role of resilience, attendees were immersed in enlightening discussions.

 The presentation sparked a fire of passion within students, enabling them to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with confidence and vision. 

11th Webinar in Sustainable companies 

On 04.04.2024, in the webinar led by Dr. Silvia Puiu from Craiova University 21 participants delved into the multifaceted realm of corporate sustainability. Dr. Puiu illuminated the various strategies and practices that companies can adopt to align their operations with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Through engaging discussions and real-world examples, participants explored how sustainable companies prioritize environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical governance while striving for profitability. 

12th Webinar on Ideation: How to come up with a promising startup idea 

On 04.04.2024, 20 participants engaged in a webinar led by Irina Stefanova from NMS - Bulgaria. The webinar provided invaluable insights into the process of generating groundbreaking startup ideas. 

Mrs. Stefanova began by defining ideation as the crux of brainstorming and sharing novel concepts. She emphasized its significance in fostering creativity, spurring innovation, and fostering collaboration among participants. Through case studies like BioCarbon Engineering and Solar Sister, attendees gained a deeper understanding of how innovation can address pressing global challenges. 

13th Webinar on How it feels to be an entrepreneur: a Nordic perspective 

On 05.04.2024, 20 participants engaged in a webinar led by Olle Olsson (Absolicon and MxSol). Sharing insights gleaned from his journey, he showcased the evolution of the Swedish SME Absolicon, narrating his pivotal role in its growth from within. His narrative painted a vivid picture of the company's ascent, from nascent stages fueled by private investment to the triumphant milestone of launching a solar collector production line.

 Transitioning seamlessly, he delved into the genesis of his own venture, MxSol, laying bare the raw realities of entrepreneurial initiation – the lofty expectations, the inevitable missteps born of inexperience, and the arduous journey of surmounting challenges. 

14th Webinar on Mechanism for green house effect, energy quality and renewable energy

On 06.04.2024, 20 participants engaged in a webinar led by Prof. Björn Karlsson (HiG). The seminar aimed to shed light on the intricate mechanisms underlying the greenhouse effect, the importance of energy quality, and the potential of renewable energy sources. 

Professor Karlsson commenced the seminar by exploring the concept of the greenhouse effect, elucidating how certain gases trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, leading to global warming and climate change. Through compelling visuals and accessible explanations, attendees gained a deeper understanding of this phenomenon's far-reaching implications for our planet's ecosystems and human societies. 

Transitioning to the topic of energy quality, Professor Karlsson highlighted the significance of not only the quantity but also the quality of energy produced and utilized. He explored how different energy sources vary in their efficiency, environmental impact, and sustainability, underscoring the importance of transitioning towards cleaner and more efficient energy systems. 

The seminar culminated in a discussion of renewable energy sources and their role in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development. Professor Karlsson showcased various renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, and outlined their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster energy independence. 


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